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Restraint Of Power: Who Tells The Leader When He Is Wrong?

samuel-schroth-capitol rotunda picture

I live in Barron County Wisconsin. Last night about 60 citizens attended the Barron County Board Meeting to give feedback to the board about a recent decision to require Barron County empoloyees to wear masks in government buildings again. I'm not sure if the board will listen but their constituents spoke loud and clear that we do not want government beuracrats forcing h...

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The Power Of Showing Up


The incarnation of Christ reveals how much God cares about us. Our willingness to follow Christ and show up in a sacrificial way will have a powerful impact. ...

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5 Reasons Why Fewer Christians Are Attending Church In America


5 Reasons Fewer People Are Attending Church I've seen the stats on declining church attendance in America. As a pastor, I've observed from the front row how Christians have become less inclined to gather together on a regular basis. Why is that? There is a clear biblical command to gather and we are created with a longing for community, so what is holding us back? I'...

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Don't Lose Heart!

Don't Lose Heart

Don't Lose Heart! "So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day." 2 Corinthians 4:16 So how are you doing today? Are you encouraged or discouraged? It's most definitely been a difficult year of battling illness, loneliness, and political tensions. We have had a hard time maintaining a sense of purpose and...

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Satan's Kryptonite (Part 2)

Bible study, Humble Faith, Victory over Satan

Continuing our review of 1Peter 5:1-11, here are points 5-8 of How To Resist Satan And Win. Be serious, because you have an enemy. The military teaches a soldier to be constantly on the watch when on a mission because an enemy wants the advantage of surprise and will attack if possible when you don't expect it. The Apostle Peter puts it this way: "Be sober-minde...

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Question of the Week


Do you have a question you would like Pastor to address? Feel free to leave a comment here and Pastor Paul or one of the leadership will post a response....

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Satan's Kryptonite


Satan's Kryptonite 1 Peter 5:1-11 The Bible gives the blueprint for how you can defeat Satan. Whether you are a church leader or an every day believer in the congregation, the instructions are the same. Now Satan is a fallen angelic being created by God. He has far more spiritual power than you and I. So how is there anything that we can do to defeat him? Well, the Bibl...

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